Hov Pod Hovercraft

Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft Ownership

You could take a look at our Personal Hovercraft buyers guide. We produced an easy to read guide to counsel prospective clients what to look for when purchasing a personal hovercraft. Frequently we hear on the grapevine that some people have bought less expensive hovercraft and have really unhappy with the whole experience - safety features, poor reliability, less than solid performance and overall quality of manufacture. It's our job to convey the biggest reasons for choosing choose Hov Pod hovercraft.

Compared to competition?

We really don't consider we have competitions, as we manufacture to the highest marine leisure norms, and no other hovercraft makers, so far as we are aware, build to this exacting standard. In past years, small personal hovercraft were produced in the form of racing craft or DIY kits for self-builders, which has quite frankly slowed down important developments in the field - this is why our Hov Pod stands head and shoulders above the others. Even though we frequently get a little annoyed (lightly!) by people taking it for granted that all hovercraft are identical - this is just not true!

We are sometimes asked to compare our hovercraft with others - clients use this gambit to try and get a small discount, so we simply refer them to our Hov Pod Buyers Guide and the Design Philosophy Document. You will quickly find that nothing comes anywhere near our hovercraft - a few days ago someone requested a comparison between the Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft and a 'popular' make whose name escapes me. They say on their internet site, (and I'm quoting) "Steering can be controlled by using body weight, which is a skill easily achieved after a little training". We find this really really funny, we use fingertip control to go round corners using a simple handlebar - why should you have the throw your body around to go round a corner?

Rental Opportunities


A lot of people want to feel that Hov Podding sensation, so if you can reach a freshwater lake, smoothly flowing river, sandy beach, or grassy meadow,it cojuld be very lucrative to start a company renting them out - a welcome change from other activities offered, different from the more boring types. Many of our promoters move around and visit country shows, and ask for a dollar for each operating minute, or you might offer Hovercraft Experience Outings through the internet, or rent out your hovercraft for corporate events. Gather a group of people together to maximize your return on investment, maybe up to six per vehicle each day. We can supply a ride earnings calculator upon request, if you have a mind to get a business plan together. Hov Pod Promoters renting out their vehicles get reductions depending on how many hovercraft they need. Obviously, we are enthusiastic about working with more entrepreneurs to spread the Hov Podding world, you could contact us to see if there are openings in your region - we can also supply you vouchers for your punters!

Author: Jim Bruce
Category: Hobbies
Date: 2012/01
Rating: 9 out of 10