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A Few Answers To Some Questions That Are Often Asked ...

Is training needed to operate the Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft?
The Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft is really simple to operate. Our design team made sure that the Hov Pod hovercraft can be operated as easily as can be, employing just a single pair of handlebars and a twist grip throttle. Complete operating instructions are provided and most users can normally learn the fundamentals in around a quarter of an hour. Training courses can be arranged - we provide Module 1 Training for operators, and also Modules two and three, which cover training for the technical aspects of the hovercraft.

What is fastest safe speed of the Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft?
The Hov Pod Hovercraft has a maximum speed of around 70kph but this depends on conditions, and the engine size.

Hovercraft For SaleIs the Hov Pod Ecologically Friendly?
Our Hovercraft doesn't create a wake or bow wave and doesn't emit toxic gases into the sea, so marine animals aren't affected like they are with that speed boats and other vehicles. There is no propeller that can harm see mammals like dolphins, seals and whales that can move close to the water's surface. It's footprint is very light when it's flying/hovering, with an equivalent weight of less per centimeter than a seabird standing on just a single leg! Not like other craft, it can move over uncooked eggs without breaking any, (This can be seen in our video gallery). Contact the office with the contact form to read an Environment Assessment Paper.

What are the launch options for these type of Hovercraft?
The Hov Pod doesn't require any special surface or runway and it can be lifted off from a regular smooth surface. The trailer is a useful option which lets the operator have access a big assortment of launch areas. The Hov Pod can move on the sea or fresh water, sandy beaches, mudflats, short meadow grass, hard ice or packed snow.

How steep can your Hovercraft safely climb?
This is partly dependent on the approach to the slope (run up) to the slope, and how many passengers there are on board. Short slopes that are not too inclined can be navigated if you take a run at them. The normal kind of long incline typical of slipways into harbours isn't an issue for this hovercraft. (Don't forget to check out the video to see it in action.)

Hovercraft SalesIs the the Hov Pod comfortable?
The supporting air cushion means that the sensation of travel is really silky smooth. For example, it's possible to use it as a marine platform for moving photography. It can travel from land to sea and you couldn't tell the difference in feeling. In comparison to Jet Skis and other vehicles, the Hov Pod hovercraft is very comfortable indeed!

What about servicing a Hov Pod Small Hovercraft?
Any engine needs a level of servicing periodically, but regular maintenance tasks like fitting new spark plugs, changing fuel and air filters, which are of course readily accessible, will undoubtedly help to give worry free operation. If you don't really know how to maintain the family car, you go to a garage. This is the best way to approach servicing the Hov Pod - any skilled mechanic will have no trouble servicing the Hov Pod engine by adhering to our easy to follow spec sheets and manuals - these can also be requested by completing the contact info request form.

What kind of warranty do you give?
Outside of normal wear and tear, or damage the Hov Pod personal Hovercraft is delivered with a 12 month warranty. The different engines come under the engine maker’s warranties.

Personal Hovercraft SalesWhat kind of engine does the Hovercraft have?
We can fit 2 stroke or 4 stroke gasoline engines to which suit different needs. If it's for mostly use on dry land, a lighter engine will be enough. Bigger engines are advised for rescue and patrol use, or when you want to rise from the surface of water. A lot of the smaller personal hovercraft can have problems with lifting from water - it's called Getting Over Hump, a terms which means developing enough engine power to lift off the wave made by such a start. Our engines are suitable for a wide assortment of applications, so according to the conditions of operation, loads ranging from 275 to 325 Kilos can be accommodated when starting on water. Half as much weight again can be loaded if the start is on firm land. A lot of less expensive vehicles equipped with lighter engines, will not create enough power to lift off the cushion of air, and so trap the hovercraft on the water where it sits. You'll need to have a paddle to return safely home,if you choose a hovercraft that isn't specially designed for starting on water.

OK, but can the Hov Pod stop safely on water?
The Hov Pod just floats when coming to a resting position on water, and furthermore tests show that it can to hold more than a ton before water gets in the hull. Hoever, we wouldn't advise resting for an extended time in rough or windy conditions.

What fuel consumption can I expect?
Most operators tell us they get around 100 litres each 8-hours when cruising normally at about 22 mph – and this is with the smaller Rotax 65HP option. For use a leisure hovercraft, which again depends somewhat on the weather conditions, you should get between 12 to 15 litres ph at average cruising speed. The hovercraft with the SPX 65HP engine has a tank capacity of 22 litres; the Hov Pod with the 120HP Turbo has tank capacity of 33 litres. The 4-stroke variety is widely considered to have a higher fuel efficiency than the 2-stroke - with the bigger tank, you would get more miles per fuel tank. We can also increase this range by fitting extra fuel tanks, namely 12 or 24 l. respectively.

Personal Hovercraft PriceDoes the Hov Pod have strong positive buoyancy?
The SPX hovercraft is fabricated from High Impact Polyethylene which includes a buoyancy composite all the way through the hull - the hovercraft has high positive buoyancy, and is also higher quality and tougher than a glass fibre model. Extra floatation elements can be fitted as an additional option if needed. If you put a piece of HDPE in some water, it floats easily. A scrap of glass fibre will sink in water, so any splitting of a glass fibre hull can seriously affect safety if the hull should get holed or split.

What kind of distance does this small Hovercraft require to come to a stop on water? From maximum speed the Hov Pod can be turned around and dropped onto the surface of the water to stop smoothly in about 5 metres.

What is the Hov Pod passenger carrying capacity?
Our hovercraft can accommodate one operator and two other adult passengers. Some personal hovercraft have a little (or a lot of) trouble lifting off from water - see our Buyers Guide to and read Getting over Hump - a term used to describe water starts. Make sure you verify the manufacturers loading specs for water starts - a lot just can't and there are some that can sink. Hovercraft depend a lot on weight characteristics and the SPX hovercraft is tested to transport up to 325 Kg for water starts, which also depends on the power of the engine fitted.

Hovercraft ManufacturersCan the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft be used in all conditions?
Our Hovercraft can be used in weather conditions up to Force 4 gale, which equates to a wind velocity of around 22 mph. In trials to guarantee its safety performance our trained operators have used it in tougher conditions than this, such as big swells and waves, but we always advise people to be cautious, and think about safety before trying to use the vehicle in rough seas.

What is the cost of Hov Pod Hovercraft skirts?
The hovercraft skirts are separate renewable segments made from highly durable Polyurethane /Nylon material, 65 in all. New pieces cost around £15.00 each. If skirt segments become torn, just the damaged parts have to be replaced, not the whole skirt. If the damage is not extensive then they can be also repaired and patched. We hold the skirt segments in place with ordinary cable ties, which break before the skirt gets damaged to reduce possible damage. Expect a skirt life in ordinary use of 2 years or more. We don't use neoprene nylon because this type of material degrades from ultraviolet radiation, and doesn't have a long life.

How many years will a Hovercraft skirt last?
Under normal operational use a skirt will probably OK for two years or so. Skirt wear can vary significantly between operators and is partly dependent on the use and the conditions in which the hovercraft is used. Operation on rougher surfaces will tend to wear the skirt more rapidly than a water based surface for instance. Thicker material skirts can be fitted as an extra, and are advised for more regular use, which covers rental activities, demonstrating, rescue work or commercial. Special Note: The latest thicker polyurethane/nylon skirt tissue was brought in 2 years ago, and we haven’t needed to replace one skirt segment – we slice the material with a knife beforehand and invite clients to attempt to tear it; since we started using it, nobody has succeeded in tearing this skirt material.

How many versions of the Hov Pod personal Hovercraft are there?
Our last model the ACX, was made out of Fibre Glass; the SPX model offered from 2008 is manufactured from High Impact Expnded Plastic and has far higher strength and flotation characteristics. Success in sales has allowed us to raise production in line with client delivery needs. At the moment we have 2 engine models of the SPX, 65HP and 120HP (which is the Turbo). The most recent version of the Hov Pod is our SPX TCC (Thermal Controlled Composite), offered from September 2010. This is fabricated from material that is lighter but tougher than the SPX model.

Buy A HovercraftIs it possible for the Hov Pod to transport diving equipment and bottles?
Of course, if they stowed away in the right manner and the weight limit for starting on water is not exceeded. The more powerful engine versions of our personal hovercraft are perfectly matched to diving operations where heavy weights might be carried.

Would this Hovercraft be able to pull a skier?
This is one thing we haven't tried yet! We would advise owners to think about safety before trying this.

Wat kind of places are suitable for using the Hov Pod Hovercraft?
In general, we advise that it's best to adhere the usual marine regulations in force locally. Some local regulations might be applicable in some regions, so clients are advised to verify any any local restrictions. Its always best to operate the Hov Pod hovercraft with respect and courtesy for everyone around. Please ask for a copy of the Code of Conduct report using the Information request page.

Is Insurance needed to pilot a Hov Pod personal Hovercraft?
Marine Insurance is possible - request information using the contact form.

Where To Buy A HovercraftCan the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft be used for all rescue and patrol work, by the police for example?
This small Hovercraft is a perfect rescue and patrol vehicle for operation in a lot of various tidal regions and otherwise dangerous surfaces, like wet sand, mudflats, frozen ice or fast rivers and tidal estuaries. When areas are flooded, boats used for rescue can't always know if the water hides unseen obstructions, such wire fences or cables that can tangle up propellers – the Hov Pod hovers over the water, so will rapidly reach someone in need of help. Obviously, boats are not very good for rescuing people from muddy areas.

Can I build a Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft from a kit?
We sell the SPX LM that consists of a completely finished hovercraft but with no engine. This vehicle was initially produced for those wanting to finish the assembly locally in order to reduce taxes levied on importation, and for also for organizations who preferred to configure the hovercraft for rescue, commercial or military use.

Is the Hov Pod Hovercraft available with a diesel engine?
For now a diesel engine model is not offered.

How many colours are offered for the Hov Pod?
Our normal range of hull colour is Teal Green, Red, Blues or Yellow. Other colour hulls are possible at extra cost. Skirts are always Black.

Does it have winching and stowage fittings?
The correct lifting eyes suitable your davits and winch gear can be fitted to the hovercraft by custom arrangement and at extra cost.

Author: Jim Bruce
Category: Hobbies
Date: 2012/01
Rating: 9 out of 10