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Reaction International Ltd - The Home Of The HovPod Personal Hovercraft

Hov Pod hovercrafts are manufactured by Reaction International Ltd, Southampton, UK and our vehicles are built for fun, practical commercial, rescue activities and patrolling services. Innovative CAD design, CNC machining, and high density plastic (HDPE) hull fabrication methods translates into rapid production time to keep up with rising internationlafrom buyer of personal hovercraft, and guaranteed minimum delivery times.

The Hov Pod personal hovercraft design philosophy has attracted international acclaim - we currently produce more small hovercrafts than any other maker. Hov Pod hovercraft are simple simple to drive - and fun as well, built as thyey are with marine standard safety as the benchmark. These amphibious hovercraft let you just float over all flat surfaces, which means calm water, icy wastes, soft snow, sand ares, difficult mud, and grasslands. Hov Pod small hovercraft are very safe, rarely breakdown, really tough, and intended to make ownership easy for leisure and commercial users alike.

The New Hov Pod SPX hovercraft design standard is one-of-a-kind - Hov Pods personal hovercraft are much stronger and have more buoyancy than hovercrafts made from GRP>. The robust and tough nature of these hovercraftmake them eminently suitable for most commercial enterprises, patrol teams and uses as a rescue hovercraft for places which are normally difficult to access. New machining and production methods have been installed to keep pace with increasing international demand for the HovPod small and it's probable that we now send out more personal hovercraft than any other producer. If you take one for a drive, you will soon realize why that is.

Hov Pod also produce a new SPX version with a 120 HP Turbo 4-stroke engine for people wanting serious fun and commercial clients. Latest News - you can now build your own Hov Pod, hovercraft kits in the form of hulls can be purchases with no engine for anyone wanting to build one themselves - ask for details of the SPX LM (Local Manufacture) This is a complete hull assembly just needing you to finish off the engine installation of your choice, it is not just a box of pieces to be put together!

What makes the Hov Pod hovercraft unique?

In past years, the majority of hovercraft type vehicles were produced as kits for self building or sports craft for racing. The Hov Pod design philosophy and production approach is quite unique, we concentrate on easy reliable use, toughness and above all, safety. It isn't necessary to train as a pilot to control our hovercraft - they are designed to child's play to control. In a few minutes you will have learned the fundamentals of driving one.

Our clients testify that we produce the best small hovercraft on the market today. This is the identical vehicle employed by the UN, found at Harrods in London and chosen by the producers of the last Thunderbirds feature film.

The production of small personal hovercraft has until now been the province of hobbyists and racing enthusisast. Hovercraft are heavily dependent on their weight, and how they perform depends on lightweight fabrication and materials. The Hov Pod was conceived for marine rescue use and also the leisure market, so we highlight simplicity of use and toughness. It can travel as fast as 45 mph can be achieved on various of flat surfaces, from snow to lakes to deserts. Fed up with other hovercraft, floating boards, hovercraft self-build kitss, hovering cars, and all other DIY hovercraft? Then upgrade to the last word in leisure hovercraft on the market today, Hov Pod

Author: Jim Bruce
Category: Hobbies
Date: 2012/01
Rating: 9 out of 10